Live at Grange Park



Grange Park is a high-end residential brand developed around the concept of Luxury. Circulating the idea of Luxury and Functionality, Grange Park aims to give access that Metropolitan Living has to offer, starting from the square one, and the heart of our very homes.


Our vision is that we no longer have to leave our home to indulge in the city life nor do we have to leave our doorstep to escape from the busy city life, Grange Park promotes social interaction and delivers an extravagant choice of leisure and recreational options, leaving the owners a sense of pride in their own luxurious space.



Grange Park is a luxurious residential offering that is located in an established area of South Jakarta. Emphasizing on improving life quality through privacy and nature, the property is home to generous green spaces and lush surroundings that provide plenty of opportunity for special intimate moments.

Project Summary

Total Area

5 Ha

1ST Phase Development Area

1,1 Ha

32 Storey

Resort Facility

4,000 SQM

Residential Area

75,000 SQM

Residential Units


More Than

50% Green Area

Parking Lot




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